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On April 12 2016, the agreement was signed for the China Astro MRO (Huizhou) project, jointly collaborated by Centralcon Group, Aerochine Aviation Limited and Astro Air Co., Ltd. The project is planned to start operation in 2016.


Located in Huizhou city, Guangdong province, the China Astro MRO (Huizhou) project is designed to provide comprehensive services, covering airplane sales, reassembling, trial flight, maintenance and repair, and entrusted management. It will help facilitate the economic growth, ensuring private and business flights, aviation training and emergency rescue in the Pearl River Delta region. It is planned that the project will, at a later stage, continue to improve and explore the add-value extension services and to integrate aviation safeguarding functions. The project aims to promote the realization of helicopter civil commercial services, so as to advance general aviation in the Pearl River Delta region.


The China Star MRO (Huizhou) project is positioned as the first modern helicopter flight service station in the Pearl River Delta region and, eventually, an example of commercialized helicopter flight service station in China. In this way, the project could lay a foundation for the helicopter flight network in Pearl River Delta, to help become a regional center of general aviation operation service region in Guangdong province, to become the general aviation guarantee infrastructure with the best practical value and address the conflict between supply and demand of storage and maintenance in general aviation.


Centralcon Group is a large-scale group of comprehensive business, mainly engaged in real estate development, industrial park construction and enterprise incubation, infrastructure investment and stock equity investment. This project is located at the properties of Centralcon Group. Aerochine Aviation Limited is the Independent Representative of Bell Helicopter in the South of Greater China region, owning professional qualification of aircraft sales and introduction. Its subsidiary, Aerochine Zhenjiang, provides the service of helicopter maintenance and repair. Astro Air Co., Ltd is a general aviation enterprise qualified for CCAR-91, CCAR-145, CCAR-135 certifications, operating both fixed-wing jets and rotary helicopters.